The meeting of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony

The meeting of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony

  by Ramona Flightner/ @ramonaflightner August 26th marks Women’s Equality Day in the United States, commemorating the day in 1920 that women were granted the right to vote. The 19th Amendment passed by the slimmest of margins: one vote. A young state representative, who had previously voted to table the vote for the amendment changed his vote upon receiving a letter from his mother, extolling him to be a “good boy” and vote for ratification of the amendment. With all the liberties that I now take for granted as a woman, I find it hard to believe it is less than one hundred years since the amendment passed.

A picture of the names of a portion of those who signed the Declaration of Sentiments in 1848.

A picture of the names of a portion of those who signed the Declaration of Sentiments in 1848.

Sign honoring Elizabeth Cady Stanton for her efforts in promoting women’s rights.

As those of you who have read my books know, suffragism is an important theme in my novels and I’ve enjoyed the continued research on the topic. The movement began in 1848 in Seneca Falls, New York, with a convention of men and women who put forth a document called the Declaration of Sentiments. In this document, the foundation for the women’s rights movement and suffrage movement was created. I was fortunate enough to visit Seneca Falls in 1998, 150 years after that momentous gathering. The women who met in Seneca Falls and began to agitate for the vote never saw their dream to fruition for it would take 72 years before women were granted the vote.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton's home

Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s home

  One small detail I had not realized until my aunt’s recent trip to Seneca Falls was that Susan B. Anthony was not at the Seneca Falls meeting. She met Elizabeth Cady Stanton a few years later.

The plaque describing how Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton met.

The plaque describing how Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton met.

The bench Susan B. Anthony sat on during her trial in 1872.

Susan B. Anthony was arrested in 1872 for daring to vote in a federal election and her trial sparked renewed interest and vigor into the women’s suffrage movement.

I would invite you to take a moment to say a silent thank you to these women for all they did in the struggle for women’s right to vote. The greatest sign of appreciation we could give them would be to vote in each election, no matter how great or small the election.

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Last Week’s Teaser for Reclaimed Love

I did a blog tour this spring, and I’ve decided to re-publish some of the blog posts that were in that tour as I lead up to the release of Reclaimed Love. I hope you enjoy!


When I think of an ideal writing space, I always envision a desk free of clutter overlooking a bucolic scene from a bow-fronted window. Light streams in from the window and a cat is curled up on one corner of the desk, sleeping in absolute contentment. A cup of tea is next to the computer, and soothing music plays in the background. So much for ideals. In reality, I’ve never written in such a place. I write wherever I can. Sometimes it’s in a crowded café as I await the arrival of a friend. I scribble on bits of paper as I have forgotten my notebook and I hope I have enough paper to cram all my ideas down before I forget them. Other times it’s when I am crammed into an airplane seat with barely enough elbow room to write long hand into my writing notebook. Generally, I write in a recliner with a cat on my lap. I have papers and research books strewn all around me and I look like a mad writer. I always have a pot of tea with a well- used teacup next to me, the latest pot of Irish tea steeped and ready to be drunk. My desk is cluttered, covered in piles of paper and research and the thought of cleaning it off is so overwhelming that I look away and return to my writing. My desk faces a white wall, so no inspiration from the outside would be found if I did sit at it. Instead, I ignore the disaster that is my desk and leave organizing it for another day. Or year. I have heard many people say that they need to write in a clean environment. That cleanliness soothes their mind and allows them to think. I can work anywhere and clutter does not bother me. I sometimes wish it did and then I’d live in a clean, organized home. Instead, I write and write, with little care to where I am as long as the words continue to flow. Do you have an ideal writing space? Are you currently writing in it?


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The blog has been quiet for too long, but I’ve had good reason!

I’ve been very busy preparing Reclaimed Love for release, with a goal of releasing it in July. I’ve also been working hard to finish a rough first draft of the third book in the saga, Redeemed Love.

As many of you know, I am a complete pantser (meaning I write by the seat of my pants), and I have no idea where the story is going as I am writing it.

This can be exciting and frustrating. Right now it is exciting, because, as I delve further into these character’s stories, I am envisioning more and more story lines. Thus, this could be a much longer series than I had originally envisioned!

For those of you who aren’t on Facebook or haven’t looked around my webpage recently, I wanted to send you the cover for Reclaimed Love.

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