Bostonian Spirit Will Prevail

By Ramona Flightner/ @ramonaflightner

Inconceivable. Surreal. Incomprehensible. These and many more were the words used by my friends, family and me yesterday as we tried to understand the horror that occurred at the Boston Marathon.  And the overarching question, always, was “Why?”

I am fortunate that everyone I hold dear was safe. That my friends who had been in the area were not harmed physically. The damage, and one hopes it is more fleeting than permanent, that this has done to our spirits is harder to discern. And yet, it is there.

I tend to avoid downtown Boston on marathon weekend. For some reason, this past weekend I ventured into Boston and, for the first time, saw the finish line. I saw the hoards of marathon runners and their families and friends as they walked up and down Boylston Street, laughing, joking, and imbuing the area with a festive, celebratory spirit.

As one of my friends said, it is one of her favorite times in Boston because it brings out the best of Boston. People actually talk to each other on the T (Boston’s subway). They stop to give directions. It’s a side of Boston not often seen on busy commuting days. And all the more precious now as suspicion and fear attempts to rule our spirits.

My hope for Boston and Bostonians is that we will not allow fear to rule us. I know that this may seem an impossible dream. And yet, I am reminded of a photo I saw last night on the Internet. It said something like, “Darkness does not repel darkness. Only light does.” I am hopeful that, in the not too distant future, we will shake off fear and allow ourselves to venture forth and congregate once again, in the light.

  • Thanks for this piece, Ramona – and for the follow on twitter! I am from Boston – my two athletic kids are still there – it is home to us all, and my heart has been aching for everyone these past few days. I have loved the spirit of all the commentators I have heard – ‘they picked the wrong city’ among them. We will prevail; and yes, it is only the light that can/will dispel the darkness. I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future. Thanks for connecting with me.

    • Hi Sarah, thanks for visiting. It has been a tough week, but yes Boston’s spirit is strong and we will come through this.

  • Beautifully said.

  • bill

    You are so right mona…. It is one of the best days in boston — the people all lighten up for a day… and are actually really nice.. and the party spirit is so much fun. Hopefully, we’ll move on, and life will get back to normal. However, it’s so so sad that such innocent people had to be harmed, and families have been crushed… I am keeping those folks in my prayers.
    coach bill

  • Oh my goodness, I forgot you were a Boston girl! (Silly, I know, what with the Red Sox fandom and everything.) I’m so glad you and your loved ones are safe. I’m also glad the city has wonderful people like you to help it heal.

    • Thank you so much, and I know, little by little, we will heal and become even stronger.

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