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By Ramona Flightner/ @ramonaflightner

A woman searching for inspiration…

I waited patiently for my desire to write again to return. I did research, visited with friends and tried not to fret that I wasn’t writing. I had a trip to London planned in the early part of May and knew I wouldn’t bring my computer with me. However, I often do some of my best writing long-hand. I bought a new, small notebook that fit in the back pocket of my purse so that I could write anywhere. I hoped that a change of scenery would lead to inspiration.

I arrived in London and had a fantastic week. I visited friends while I was there and it was wonderful catching up with them. They worked during the day, so I did all of the touristy things without them. One day, I decided to visit the main branch of the British Library near St. Pancras.  (  In a small room they have a room that is aptly called the “Treasures.” There are original copies of the Magna Carta, original portfolios of Shakespeare works (though no originals in Shakespeare’s writing exist), the original, handwritten manuscript of Jane Eyre, Jane Austen’s writing desk, a poem by Wordsworth, and so much more. On the music front, there were works written by Beethoven, Mozart, and the original “Messiah” written by Handel. I marveled at the lyrics written by the Beatles for the songs Help! and Yesterday, scribbled on scraps of paper. If you are ever in London, I would highly recommend a visit to the “Treasures.”

Magna Carta- found this on the web as I wasn’t allowed to take pictures in the room

When I left the Library, I had a tremendous desire to write. That day at lunch, while eating at a pub, I pulled out my notebook and began to write. Scenes simply started flowing and I found the joy in writing again. I had to wait over a month for my muse to return, but it was well worth the wait.

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  • Wilma

    How interesting! I’m very glad the muse has returned.

  • Hi Wilma! Thanks for visiting. I, too, am very happy the muse has returned, though it is keeping me busy!

  • Cara

    Ramona: so fun to read about your trip and think of you in such a wonderful museum. I can only imagine the smell of old books and wood… Hope you are well and your fingers are flying!

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