Embracing Marketing

PicMonkey salmon- tenacity quoteAs many of you know, I have been very busy lately as I continue to prepare for BANISHED LOVE’s publication in January.

As I continue on my indie publication journey, I learn there is always more to discover. Generally on a daily basis. I remember this summer discussing the marketing I would need to do for my book and the knot of anxiety that settled in my stomach.

In the beginning, I resented time away from writing and editing to learn about marketing. Now, I have begun to embrace marketing. I try to post helpful articles for writers on twitter four times a day, and by doing so, I meet new and interesting people.

I also continue to learn more about the changing world of publishing as I read all of the articles I promote. I have begun to think of promotional ideas for my book leading up to its release and I find brainstorming invigorating. Some may not be feasible, but I am enjoying the process. I have realized that if I embrace what I need to do and use my energy in a positive manner rather than resist it, I will be more successful and more content.

I will still be exhausted at the end of the day, but I will be happy with what I have accomplished. My “to-do” list may be daunting, but I remind myself that I have always finished what I started. Tenacity is a positive trait when it comes to writing and publishing.

Have you had an attitude shift when it comes to an aspect of writing or marketing? How has it helped you?

  • Great post. This goes along with a book I’m reading right now called “The Happiness Project.” I know how you feel and it’s so hard to shift perspectives. I know when I started learning all the social media and building my website I was angry that I didn’t have more time to write, since as soon as you write one novel you’re supposed to start on the second. I’m getting more comfortable with it, but I’m not at a “happy” place yet. LOL Best of luck with your novel and marketing :)

    • admin

      Thanks for visiting, Tam. I will look for the book you mentioned. Good luck with the social media aspect and reality of writing, I find I still wax and wane on it depending on how much I am writing/ editing. Also, good luck with your writing. :-)

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