Giants World Series Parade

One of the floats

I, for once, had perfect timing. In San Francisco for a conference, I was also here for the Giant’s parade today after they swept the Detroit Tigers to win the World Series. Taking advantage of the conference’s lunch break, I walked the few blocks from the hotel to the parade route on Market Street to join the revelry.

A sign along the parade route

A view down Market Street crammed with fans

I had attended a parade once before when the Bruins won the Stanley Cup in 2011. It was a festive, beautiful day and I had a good vantage point along Boylston Street.  My brother’s enthusiasm for me to see a parade on each coast enhanced an otherwise recalcitrant desire to venture forth into a crowd of people to see a group of players I didn’t know well. I have always followed East Coast baseball and the American League. Thankfully, I took his advice and went to the parade.

Fans going to great heights to get a good view

Selling Panda Hats- many were wearing them for Sandoval, nicknamed “Panda”

Boston may have put on a few parades recently, and I will always miss seeing the Sox in Duck Boats in the Charles River, but Beantown could take some pointers from San Francisco. This was a rollicking parade that was incredibly inclusive of not only the member’s of the Giant’s organization, but members of the community. I thought it fantastic to see the people who serve the food at the Giant’s stadium marching in the parade.

A great sign on one of the floats

A beautiful dragon

One of the dragons

Another amazing dragon

I loved watching two marching bands go by, the tuba players with Giant’s players jerseys draped across their tubas. I boogied a little to a Latin band as it rolled past on a flatbed as they played live Salsa music. I gasped with joy as I saw Chinese dragons swaying and dancing, similar to what must be seen during the Chinese New Year festivities.  There were carnival dancers, women on stilts, a rainbow float, and tons of others in modified cable cars.

The Latin band, playing great music

I knew I was in San Francisco on Halloween as the candy thrown to the crowd consisted of Ghirardelli chocolate. Very nice.

One of the players

A side shot of Buster Posey

The players were in convertibles and they went by pretty quickly and were hard to see as the cars were a little low. It would have been nice if they had been higher up, in the cable cars, but I read they had done that last time and wanted to do something different for this parade. All in all, I had a great time and I am very happy to have attended a West Coast parade.

© Ramona Flightner

  • Jamie Hare

    Sounds like you’re having a great time. Yay!

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