Harbinger of Spring

Northern Mockingbird- from Wikipedia

By Ramona Flightner/ @ramonaflightner

Last week on my walk home, I stopped suddenly and closed my eyes in appreciation. I had been waiting, at times impatiently, for the mockingbird to return. On this afternoon, the first day I heard the mockingbird sing his joyous repertoire of calls, I knew spring had arrived.

I stood underneath his tree, watching as he trilled from call to call, his small body quivering as though in delight to be sharing his joy. I couldn’t help but smile, and those who bustled by me watched me curiously, wondering what captivated me. Everyone else continued on their day-to-day routine, rushing past on their cell phones, as though unaware of their surroundings. I know there are days I am guilty of turning on my I-pod and tuning out the world. I am thankful that day was not one of those days.

As the world slowly wakes from its wintry slumber, I eagerly await the small harbingers of change. Soon, the trees and flowers will be in full bloom. For me, spring has arrived, thanks to my mockingbird.

  • what a lovely picture Ramona. I always wondered what a Mocking Bird looked like, are they everywhere or native to a particular country.

  • Hi Athena,
    There are various types of mockingbirds, and I think they are in both North and South America. I love listening to them here in Massachusetts, although they are not present in my beloved Montana.

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