By Ramona Flightner/ @ramonaflightner

As winter gives way to spring, my mind turns to summer. And with that, I begin to think about the time I will spend in Montana this summer. This year, I want to do a lot of hiking, so I am trying to find inspiration to get in better shape for the challenges of hiking in the mountains of my beloved Montana. Below are a few pictures I use to motivate me.

The highline trail in Glacier

Cuomo Peak in the Bitterroots

Como Peak in the Bitterroots

Trapper Peak

Trapper Peak in the Bitterroots


And of course, inspiration for fishing this summer.

What helps motivate you to attain your goals?

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    Montana definitely provides endless amounts of inspiration!

    • Thanks for the re-blog! Montana is a wonderful place to explore and so inspiring.

  • I give myself goals all the time and review my goals so I remember what I have achieved, The latter motivates myself to stretch myself further. Loves the pics Ramona thanks for sharing.

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