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It may come as no surprise to readers of my blog that I tend to be a bit of a luddite. I still enjoy writing cursive and find that when the blinking cursor kills my creativity, sitting quietly with a pen and paper will restore it. Many of my favorite scenes and blogs were first written long hand.

When I review my writing journal, I have great memories of where they were first written. Thus, it should not be surprising that I am someone who is a late converter to new technology. I don’t have a Facebook account, I just got an I-Phone and I am struggling to understand what Twitter will add to my life.

As an aspiring author, I know having an author platform is essential. Thus, I send tweets here and there with a small ball of panic in the pit of my stomach each time that I have somehow broken Twitter etiquette. I have started this blog, which I have found equally rewarding and challenging.  I have resisted creating a Facebook Fan Page, although I know my Facebook free days are limited. Facebook has become too important a marketing tool to ignore as I am considering when to publish my books. Therefore, I was shocked by how much I like, and I might even say love, Pinterest.

I joined Pinterest because I thought it might be another good place to post photos from my blog and to have another place to promote it. However, I have realized that it is an excellent source for research. I have found many amazing photos of Victorian era clothes, furniture, and wallpaper. I have to limit the amount of time I am on Pinterest or I will spend hours at a time, searching for new, interesting and beautiful photos.You can visit my Pinterest page here. Enjoying Pinterest has shown me that social media does not have to be all about work. It can also be fun.

What have you liked most about social media?

  • I usually recommend my clients find 2 forms of social media in addition to their blog and stick with that as one cannot devote enough time/effort to keeping up with all and get any writing done. You might check out Goodreads to see if you find discussing books works for you. Combined with a blog those 2 might give you the 1000 fans you need who feel they know you, are committed to seeing you succeed, and read your books to start word-of-mouth. In my opinion social media should take up about 20% of the time you have for writing. You just have to use that time wisely, be sincere, and share things related to topics of interest to your ideal reader not just “buy my book”.

    Pinterest is a great tool for doing just that as you can share locations/buildings/houses, clothing, food, other books, movies, etc. glad you are enjoying it. Running out now to follow you.

    • Hi Tasha,
      Thanks for the great advice. I am on Goodreads, but haven’t been very active. I know I need to become more active and more consistent. I find that when I am in the writing mode (or editing), it is hard for me to spend time on social media. I look forward to your pins!

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