Extras from Banished Love

I will continue to add extras to this page. My goal is to enhance your experience during or after reading Banished Love. I hope you enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ll add questions that I receive frequently, but here are some that I imagine you will have.

  • Who is your Cover Designer? Derek Murphy from Creativindie is my cover designer. He’s amazing and great to work with.
  • Who is your editor? I used Bubblecow and they did a fantastic job.
  • How did you use lyrics in your book? All of the lyrics in BANISHED are in the Public Domain and thus copyright free.
  • Did you have to do a lot of research for BANISHED LOVE?  Yes! Even when I was editing, I would learn new things and add in new details. I raided the Boston Public Library for all the books I could find on Boston History. There is a a series of books that has photos of Boston then and now and that helped me visualize Boston of old. I read the wonderful book A CITY SO GRAND by Stephen Puleo. (highly recommended read!). I visited the West End Museum and the Gibson House Museum. I studied maps of Boston in 1900, seeing how the neighborhoods had changed (especially the West End). I walked and walked the streets of Boston, marveling at the architecture, trying to imagine what buildings were there in 1900. I loved it!

Quotes from Banished Love

“We all have pasts that haunt us, Mr. McLeod.”

“Never let anyone take away your ability to find joy or to laugh.”

“Maybe she desires more than a man perceived to be more than he is.”

“Their wealth seemed to grow on a daily basis, yet they were remarkably stingy with what seemed truly important to me: their love and acceptance.”

“The public has been aware of our wishes for decades now and has had no desire to treat women as anything other than a herd of sheep who follow the will or their men.”

“I’d like to meet a woman who can think for herself and doesn’t want only what her father or husband wants.”

“Ah, my girl, as you age, you will realize that the younger generation lives to find fault with their elders and they relish the belief that all of their current miseries are due to our failures.”

“Never dread what might come. For you are still the maker of your own destiny. No matter who tries to change things around on you, you decide what will happen.”

“He believed it showed a nobility of mind to expose the weaknesses of others. 7 disagreed. 7 believed it showed a poverty of spirit to relish the humiliation of others only for personal pleasure.”

Music used in the book

I had a lot of help with the music recordings for music my characters listen to or play in Banished. I am in no way musical and my friend, Molly Morrison, helped me by recording Maple Leaf Rag. My cousin, Brendan Hogan, recorded the other pieces. I can’t thank them enough!

Maple Leaf Rag is the song that Lucas plays in Chapter 12 and was the “Song of the Year” in 1900.

Lucas uses the harmony/tune of Hold the Fort, adapted to a suffragette song in Chapter 12. Mrs. Smythe almost has an apoplexy at the lyrics.

Lucas taunts Savannah by playing Beethoven’s Fur Elise in Chapter 19. He plays it again in Chapter 34 for Clarissa, saying that the song always reminded him of Clarissa.

Clarissa attempts to play A Bird in a Gilded Cage in Chapter 38, but decides to play a different song. It reminded her too much of Savannah and her relationship with Jonas.

Clarissa plays Ta-ra-ra-Boom-de-ay in Chapter 38 and has fun arguing with Colin about the different lyrics.

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