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Schedule permitting, I would enjoy answering questions during your book club meeting.

The best case scenario would be that I would Skype into one of your meetings to answer questions for a portion of your book club meeting.

The worst case scenario would be that due to the time difference or scheduling problems, I would only be able to answer written questions before your meeting.

Please contact me through the Contact page to discuss your book club needs.

Ideas for your book club meeting

Consider hosting a theme based book club meeting. Why not have high tea as you discuss the book? Or foods that are from Boston? Here are a few ideas and web sites to visit to help with your planning.

  • If you are interested in hosting a high tea, here are links to a few articles that might help:
    High Tea Link 1
    High Tea Link 2
    High Tea Link 3
  • There are many dishes that were popular in Boston or created in Boston. Below are two recipes that would be easily added to a high tea or any book club gathering. There are links to more information about each.
    Boston Cream Pie: This was created in Boston’s Parker House Hotel in 1856. Although I don’t mention Clarissa eating this, it is something she could have eaten. Visit the Parker House webpage for the recipe.
    Indian Pudding: Indian Pudding evolved from the British “hasty pudding,” a dish made by boiling wheat flour in milk or water and allowing the mixture to thicken until it resembled porridge. Due to the lack of wheat in the colonies, they turned to cornmeal and Indian pudding was born. This is something both Clarissa and Gabriel were likely to have eaten. Visit the below link for the recipe. Recipe Courtesy of Yankee Magazine

Let me know your book club ideas and I will add them to this list!

Reader Discussion Questions for BANISHED LOVE

  1. This novel presents several social problems still confronting 21st century America. Is it possible to resolve some of these issues or is each one an unavoidable component of our lives?
  2. Which of the many themes in this novel resonated most with you? Surprised you?
  3. How does the way Clarissa chooses to cope with her problems characterize her?
  4. Family life and duty to one’s family form important elements of this novel. Discuss how these elements limit/guide Clarissa’s actions.
  5. Note the different ways the female characters choose their mates. Would some of these be unlikely or inappropriate today?
  6. Are there parallels between the marriages of the older generation and the situations faced by Clarissa and Savannah? In what ways do Florence’s circumstances enrich and inform the possibilities of the younger women?
  7. Note the role risk plays in this novel.
  8. Is Cameron characterized in ways other than through Clarissa’s thoughts and comments?
  9. In what ways does Cameron’s pursuit of Clarissa affect her relationship with others? Help the reader know them?
  10. What does America share today with the past described in this novel?
  11. How does the setting of Boston affect the plot?
  12. There is a sequel to BANISHED LOVE. What do you think the future holds for Clarissa? Savannah? Florence? Gabriel?
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